All of the staff at Fidgety Frogs aim to provide a friendly, caring and educational environment and instil the following values, which meet the needs of all our children, parents and the community.

To the Community

To provide a high quality, educational service which promotes cultural values and lifestyles, whilst meeting the needs and expectations of the community.

For the Children

All the staff believe that all children are special. Therefore it is important that they realise this and develop positive self-image. We believe they are individuals who develop at different stages. We will encourage all children individually, regardless of gender, age, race, ability/disability to reach their full potential through a range of experiences that are planned to meet their individual needs.

Our programs are based on the belief that children learn through play and through their interests. They develop and build upon their cognitive, physical, language, creative, social and emotional skills. Through play children will be encouraged to co-operate, share, and be considerate of others and to develop un-biased attitudes.

We will encourage children to express themselves, communicate and listen to others, also to make decisions and to accept the consequences. We will at all times provide them with a safe, hygienic and supportive environment.

For the Family

We believe each family plays an important role to our service. We strive to have open communication with all our parents. We respect and encourage their input into developing programs and policies and any other centre activities.  We aim to promote access and equity to all families, and to develop and support the values and attitudes from diverse, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and different family structures. We operate on an open door policy and always welcome parents into our centre.

For the Staff

We strongly believe communication is the basis of a happy centre. As staff of Fidgety Frogs we will strive to work together as a team to develop positive and open interactions between one another, each family and the community. As staff we are accountable for our interactions with the children, the families and the community. Staff will be encouraged to develop and extent their knowledge in early childhood education. All staff will at all times be nurturing, sensitive and committed to the well being of the children and parents at our centre.

Our Programs

  • Will be individually based on each child’s needs and interests and cover all areas of their development.
  • Will implement a diverse program which will reflect anti-bias, multicultural and non-sexist attitudes.
  • Will be varied, interesting and most of all fun.
  • Will allow for creativity whilst providing a balance of structured/unstructured, indoor/ outdoor, individual, small/large group experiences.
  • Will encourage healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits, exercise and sun safety.
  • Will provide nutritional and well balanced meals, encouraging children to develop their self help skills. Special attention will be given to children with individual dietary needs.

All the staff at Fidgety Frogs sincerely believe that by instilling the above values, promoting positive behavior and leading by example we will give our young children the best foundation to grow into well adjusted young adults that will do the community proud.