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Education focus

Approach to learning

At Fidgety Frogs we believe that all children are unique, therefore our programs are tailored to meet the needs, interests and abilities of each and every child. It has been well proven that children learn and develop through “play” therefore the centre offers a wide variety of experiences that allow children to make their own individual choices, covering a variety of experiences in key development areas. All programs are flexible, adaptable and based on current early childhood research and practices. Our programs allow for creativity while providing a balance of planned/unplanned, indoor/ outdoor, individual, small/large and group experiences.

Our staff are qualified and highly experienced and continuously attend training forums on current early childhood practices so that we can ensure all children receive quality teaching and learning. We completely support the introduction of the new Early Years Learning Framework which will extend and enrich a childs learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school. This framework focuses on all children becoming successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens by defining the importance of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Our programs also include and encourage healthy lifestyle practices, healthy eating habits, movement and exercise sessions and sun safety practices.

We provide nutritional and well balanced meals, encouraging children to develop their self help skills. Special attention is given to children with individual dietary needs.

School Readiness

At Fidgety Frogs our aim is to make the transition to school a smooth, positive experience for the child and family. We liaise closely with our local school and work in partnership with the teachers to form a structured and appropriate school readiness program. School readiness focuses on pre mathematical, pre reading and pre writing learning and also includes an exciting and educational computer program. Children are given free access to the computers on a daily basis to help develop their knowledge and skills.

School readiness however is not just about letters and numbers. It’s about the ability to follow directions with multiple parts, being able to concentrate in a large group situation and to develop the confidence to express needs, wants and ideas in front of peers. It’s about becoming independent with self help skills, looking after your belongings and much, much more. The teachers work together with your child to develop these skills on a daily basis.

Computers for children

Technology is an important element of our daily programs. Each of our pre-school rooms are equipped with 2 computers and children are given free access to these to help develop their knowledge and skills. On each computer we have age appropriate educational software programs which are integrated into our daily programs.

Special Activities and Excursions

We regularly have specials visitors to our Centre, including The Snake Man, multi cultural dancers and performers, we have special activities to involve the children in like Chicken hatching, Pyjama days, dress up days, cooking days and we also arrange excursions to local attractions with the help of our dedicated Fidgety Frogs bus.